Here is a little insight into your new best friend…

The ‘light bulb’ idea for GLAMSTEAM occurred when the founder was seeking a more affordable and less time-consuming solution to get clinical results in her own home. Upon research and scouting various products, she realised there
was a gap in the market for a portable multi-use facial steamer which could assist her beauty therapy process.

GLAMSTEAM is currently the first 5 in 1 home facial steamer in the market, its versatile use allows you to incorporate facial steamer, air diffuser, cuticle steamer, face towel steamer & cold and flu remedy.

There are many benefits in facial steaming, some may include softening and hydrating your skin, preventing nasty breakouts, creating better absorption for skin care products, increases blood circulation and creating more oxygen which results in collagen and elastin (those are only a few benefits, there’s more!)

Are you busy working? Are you a stay home mum? Are you studying? Do you not have the time or the money to pop into a professional clinic? On a constant basis (same!). GlamSteam was created for YOU, the EVERYDAY WOMAN! This product is based on the belief system that every woman deserves great
skin without the hefty price tag!

I promise to be your new best friend, I am an affordable, efficient, convenient and time-consuming solution for improved skincare! Giving gorgeous women (like yourself) the salon experience in your own home.

With Love,
Your Bestie GS x